Prison Break

escape from death penalty


Montreal, 1926. The city of ice-cold winters and crime, a city with no mercy. This island belongs to thieves and crooks, with one man on top of it all – The Big Vanko. A man with no feelings, no regrets. He rules the city like a feudal lord, not even the police or government dare cross paths with him.

Somehow, Vanko’s criminal organization fails to complete a mission, causing the death of dozens of police officers and criminals – all who lay dead in the streets. Word gets out that the gang was betrayed from within. Enraged, Vanko offers a large ransom to whoever delivers the culprits to him. Corrupt officers and criminals search the city in hopes of finding the whistleblowers.

Meanwhile, detectives from the A/Maze police department discover evidence that tie you to the crime – clearly, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Policemen assume your relation with the organization and transport you to the station for immediate questioning. Falsely accused, you understand that it is useless to fight back – once the doubt is cast, the mobsters will try to get you.

You soon realize that your only option is to escape from the prison and uncover the real criminals before Vanko’s men come find you. Will you be able to solve the mystery before the mobsters arrive in 45 minutes?

2-8 players
95Q per person
60 minutes
Pradera zona 10, 3r nivel


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